Choose the right oil for your Stallions.

How to choose the right oil for all models of Stallions, which oil to use and which oil is not suitable.
Gasoline 95

Gasoline 95 is an octane 95 containing a mixture of unleaded gasoline. Compatible with all Stallions models as they do not contain ethyl alcohol. The combustion of the engine is complete and responsive to driving.

Gasoline 91

Gasoline 91 is similar to the 95, that is the kind that will reduce the quality down slightly, with the octane number 91 without any mixture of ethyl any combination of the current government has canceled the sale of this oil. Gone

Gasohol 95

Gasohol 95 is a type of fuel in the group of gasoline. It contains 9 parts of 95 octane gasoline and one part of ethyl alcohol that provides driving performance or response as fast as the 95 gasoline itself, suitable for all models of Stallions.
(Note, a car that has been parked for more than 1 month may cause bad fuel)

Gasohol 91

Gasohol 91 is similar to the gasohol 95 but has been changed from the 95 octane gasoline is nine parts 88 octane gasoline mixed with 1 part ethyl alcohol and is very popular. No impact on the engine The response is not much different from the 91 octane gasoline counterpart, however, this oil is not recommended for Stallions cars.

Gasohol E20

It is an oil that contains 80% gasoline 95 octane and 20% ethyl alcohol.It is inferior in quality to gasoline 95, gasohol 95 and gasohol 91.It should not be added to all Stallions vehicles. generation

Gasohol E85

Is an oil that contains 15% 95% ethyl benzene mixed with 85% ethyl alcohol is an inexpensive oil because it contains the least amount of benzene octane. With high evaporation Because it contains a lot of alcohol This type of oil should not be added to all Stallions cars.

There are 3 types of Stallions fuel that are suitable for vehicles. Gasoline 95 Gasohol. 95 and gasohol 91

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