Driving and the car turns off, does not start

Model SM150 / SM250 / MAKINA250SP+ / MAKINA250 DUAL CAFA / MAKINA250 DUAL TRACK / Max 2
Driving problems, usually the car turns off, does not start

Fuel tap under the fuel tank In tap position 1, the car is off, does not start Because the fuel level of the tap 1 is higher than the level of the fuel tap 2 when the car is running low on fuel. Causing fuel to go down to feed the carburetor in time, thus causing the problem of the vehicle being stopped, not starting


Adjust the fuel tap lever from tap position 1 to tap position 2, the remaining oil in the tank will go down to feed the carburetor. The remaining fuel level in tap 2 can run for approximately 10-15 kilometers.

Faucet oil position 1

Faucet oil position 2

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