Driving chain – CENTAUR 250 MAX II

Adjustment of driving chain

l  Set the motorcycle upright on a level surface.

l  Loosen fixing nut of the rear axle and loosen the locking nut then tighten the adjusting screw so that the chain slack is 20 – 30 mm. (tighten the adjustment screw same both side)

l  The distance of markings on the swing arm must be same on both sides

l  Double check the chain tension, Then tighten nut and


The chain and the sprocket are the parts that move around each other all the time. If there is dirt on the chain, it will wear out the chain and sprocket faster than usual. Should be clean and lubricate chain, Then adjust the chain to the standard distance


   is the slack of the standard distance chain 20 – 30 mm.

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