How the Charm of Classic Motorcycles is Making Its Way to Modern Day Classics?



Have you heard the saying, “What’s old is new again? ” Classic Motorcycles have been around a while, say 120 years give or take a decade. In that time, they have developed from simple machines with little suspension to complex hyper bikes that can exceed 190 miles per hour given enough smooth pavement. Think back to early motorcycles. Rough around the edges, but for its time, it was the ultimate racer disguised as daily transportation.

Since the beginning of the early 1900s, motorcycles have continued to evolve to where they are today. There are some motorcycles that are considered to be the pioneers in style, new technology, and leading the charge in old school cool. Think about how they started; They were essentially bicycles with a combustion engine powering them. Low horsepower, limited gearing options, and not very easy to maintain. Over the next few decades, refinements made them faster, better fitting for longer travel distances, and easier to maintain. Since then bodywork has become popular and turned into as much fashion as it is function.

If you made a list of what makes a classic motorcycle distinctive, it would be quite different depending on who you asked. Some would say it has to have personality, a low seat height, and a heritage behind the model. Others may offer that it needs sensual appeal, styling that hasn’t been duplicated, or a design that motorcyclists still talk about today.


The Classic Factor – Stallions Motor


Honestly, most modern design motorcycles look great. Most designs offer a pretty good mix of aerodynamic, niceness mixed in with a sporty feel and eco-friendliness. However, the latest crop of trendy motorcycles often lacks that old-school cool factor. Modern motorcycles fail to trigger nostalgic memories, and those curves are a little too smooth for most old-school bike fans’ taste.

The old school look can be best encapsulated by its thick edges, large tank, and sometimes the manufacturer’s unsuccessful strive to make them look sleek. Take the old school bobbers, café racers often referred to as the Universal Japanese Motorcycles design, that made these machines look big, bold, and sometimes intimidating to someone who had never ridden on them before. Yet, at the same time, it introduced many in the West to accessible motorcycles. Some may see the design as macho. Fortunately, for fans of classic motorcycles, it is possible to buy one in brand new condition, without having to spend an insane amount.


Fans of those blocky macho machines find it near impossible to pick one up in good enough condition on the second-hand market. In fact, it’s a challenge! Fortunately, Stallions Motor has rediscovered the classic Bobber and Café racer design. Stallions are the only company in Thailand to manufacture classic motorcycle design machines for now over a decade. The company’s new line-up of the Centaur Bobber 170i , Makina 170i Cafe, and SM 170i Tracker is a nostalgic treat for classic motorcycle fans in more ways than one.




Let’s Start with the Centaur Bobber 170i



When it comes to recreating classic motorcycles, in the image of their bold predecessors, Stallions has traditionally done a brilliant, good job evident from the steadily growing fan base. Unlike some of the other similarly classic inspired machines, the Centaur Bobber shows clear attention to detail in its design – as it underscores craftmanship and premium motorcycle. It’s as though the company had a representative hop-on over in a time machine back to the 70s and pulled a few of these off the assembly line.

The Centaur Bobber 170i has the same triangular fuel tank design that rests neatly on top of a less curvy triangular frame. The fat tires on the motorcycle round off what is a very well pulled off classically inspired design.

The minimalistic design is both bold and beautiful while holding true to its original, classic design, something that’s hard to find these days. That’s exactly why most classic lovers will gravitate to the Centaur Bobber 170i.


The Makina 170i



The Makina 170i is a classic café racer design but with a few aesthetic twists. Without a doubt, Stallions has taken a few design liberties here, but which do not distract from the motorcycle’s classic design. If anything, these small additions like the slightly rounded ‘D’ shaped tank, sunk in seats, with bold headlights, give it a more retro-futuristic look.

The Makina 170i has an uncanny resemblance to some motorcycles in science fiction movies about the future back in the 60s. However, Stallions’ spin on the classic café racer design is certainly welcome. The standout feature, perhaps, is the fact that the bike is a head-turner. It isn’t meant to perhaps be a purist-inspired classic motorcycle, but one with a modern twist.


The SM170i



SM 170i is a powerful example of modern engineering that’s been coupled with classic design terminologies. With a 170 cc engine and improved fuel injection system (EFI) this machine is a perfect representation of Beautifully crafted premium motorcycle you can get in about 75,000 Baht.


Comes with little taller handlebars, if you’ve been a fan of its big brother SM250 then SM170i is definitely something you can recommend. SM170i sitting position is a bit neutral, you can travel a bit longer distance without having to worry about your wrist, elbows or the back.

you can also pull off little rough lands on your SM170i, thanks to its greater ground clearance.


Very Affordable


Buying a classic motorcycle isn’t for everyone. Most people who probably want to buy a classic may have to save up till their nursing home days to afford one or inherent deep pockets. Classic motorcycle enthusiasts should not have to wait this long to enjoy a classic, and that’s what Stallions’ classic motorcycles are primarily about.

Usually costing under 75K Thai baht, it is something regular people can dream of buying and owning without having to wait forever. That is one of the beautiful things about Stallions’ classic bikes is that people can buy them today and enjoy owning a classic. Turn heads today without emptying out the bank!

The other important thing about these classic motorcycles is that they are easy to maintain. Anyone who enjoys working on their own motorcycle will need only a wrench and some patience to work it out. There is nothing like the satisfaction of working on a classic motorcycle, seeing every part, and knowing everything that goes into it. So, not only are they designed to look like classic motorcycles from back in the day, but they can be maintained and tuned like those, too, true vintage spirit! With some modern twist.


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