Replacement of engine oil – SM 250

Replacement of the engine oil
  • Set the motorcycle upright on a level surface.
  • Start the engine for warming 2 – 3 minute and stop the engine, To bring the dirt out more conveniently.
  • Place the oil tray under the engine, Then remove the oil drain bolt ①, wait until the engine oil drains completely and tighten oil bolt back again.
  • Remove the engine oil filler cap ②
  • Fill engine oil as required by the standard in the right amount.
  • Check the engine oil level, Must be at the specified level.
  • Close the engine oil filler cap ② back tightly and clean.


  • Replace the engine oil (regular = 1,000 ml / overhaul = 1,100 ml)
  • Should be replace the engine oil at the distance specified in the manual.

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