The clutch lever stroke (too pinched).

Model SM150 / SM250 / MAKINA250SP+ / MAKINA250 DUAL CAFA / MAKINA250 DUAL TRACK  / SM400 / MAX 2
Observation point

Clutch hand squeezing distance (too fixation) (Slippery clutch-like symptoms, motorcycle speed does not rise according to hand twist throttle)

  1. Move the dust cover.
  2. Loosen the lock nut.
  3. Turn the adjuster According to the direction of rotation of the arrow as shown
  4. Try to squeeze the clutch hand to check suit yourself.
  5. Tighten the locking nut while holding the adjuster.
  6. Double check the clutch lever free mileage.
Troubleshooting parts

– without

Tools / equipment used

– Use with bare hands

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